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 - Month 2 - Week 2

Month 2 of the Naughty Challenge:
Loving Yourself

Week 2 - Me Time

This is all about finding time for just yourself, and no-one else! If you live alone, then this should be relatively easy, but if you live with a partner, or have roommates, then this is all part of the challenge, to be strict about your me-time. But how do you find time with an already busy schedule?

Easy! Look at all the other things you find time for, but never realize it. You get up, you get showered, you get changed, you eat breakfast, you go to work...sometimes you have to go shopping, even fit in the dentist or doctor, gym or hairdresser.

The point is, if there's something you need to do, you always find the time. So just look on your me-time, as essential time; little appointments that you cannot afford to miss. If you think this way, then me-time will become as natural as breathing and eating.

Write Down Your Free Time

Spend a week by writing down everything that you do during the day, and how long it takes you. As you do this, you'll be both amazed at the amount of things you do get done in a day, and also astonished at how much time you waste, doing things that either don't need doing, or just shouldn't take so long to do. This wasted time should be better spent on me-time. You don't have to be making space for me-time every day, but you should try at least once a week, and no excuses.

Maybe you'll begin to realize that you watch too much TV, that you're just sat there staring at the screen and not really noticing what it is you're watching. Read a book instead, get a massage, or pamper yourself with a facial. Go out for dinner, even it's by yourself, or soak in the bathtub with a favorite sex toy. The point, is that any downtime you have, should be used for activities which stimulate you and focus on you, not you giving your attention to something else, like the TV.

Become More Selfish With Your Time

Taking time out for yourself, tells others that you have a high degree of self-respect. It tells people that you value yourself, and that you care about the quality of your life, and how you live it. And don't ever let anyone tell you that you're being selfish, just because you spend a lot of time seeing to your own needs. What is selfish, is expecting other people to satisfy you, when you can't be bothered to do it yourself.

If you have children, you'll be setting a brilliant example to them, by showing them that loving yourself first, is the key to getting love back from other people. Making space for me-time, builds self-confidence, and self-confidence breeds security, both for you, and those who are around you.


So, for this week, me-time has to be at least an hour - ideally every day. No TV, and no work, nothing that is a chore or a task or a responsibility. This has to be something purely for you, and as indulgent as you can make it. Switch off the cell and the laptop, and read an actual book.

Take a bath and pleasure yourself, or go out to dinner with yourself, maybe take in a movie, too. Get your nails done, get a massage or facial, visit a park, garden, cook, take a dance class, painting class, language class...anything that you can do just for you. You never know, you may discover something about yourself, by finding something new, that you love to do, and you're never going to make discoveries like that, if you don't make me-time.

Stay tuned for next week...Sexy Lingerie!

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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