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 - Month 3 - Week 1

Naughty Challenge Yoga For Better Sex | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

Month 3 of the Naughty Challenge:
Yoga For Better Sex

Week 1 - Sexual Health Benefits of Yoga

By training your body to be more flexible and supple, you can use yoga as a means of improving not just your physical and mental shape, but also your sex life.

Yoga is a fabulous way of not only staying in shape with minimal cardio exertion, but it provides an opportunity for us to get back in touch with ourselves, and each other.

Yoga can include not just stretching and posturing, but also chanting, meditation, and breathing, and all these things have been proven to help individuals get more in tune with their sexual personalities.

What's so effective about yoga, is that combination of mixing the physical with the spiritual. Women, especially, know how fantastic sex can be when we are mentally stimulated, as well as sexually stimulated, so it makes perfect sense that an activity like yoga, is tailor-made for improving our sex lives.

1. Greater flexibility in the bedroom

To practice yoga, you don't need to be an Olympic gymnast. But you will become more flexible in the bedroom helping you to try out new positions. Everybody needs to improve their flexibility, and yoga exercises - called 'asanas' - are the safest, and most effective way of doing this. The gentle stretching of your muscles is great for releasing natural lactic acid into your system, which can build up in your muscles and cause stiffness and rigidity.

Yoga also increases your body's natural lubrication, and loosens up your soft tissues. The result? A bendier body, particularly around the trouble spots of the shoulders and trunk. Say goodbye to joint aches and pains, and welcome in a new feeling of litheness.

2. Yoga focuses your sexual attention

Yoga is all about relaxing the body and the brain. Your desire for sex is directly linked to your mental mood, so the more you can train your brain to chill out and focus, the more in the mood you'll be for sex and reach orgasm. Not just that, but you'll be doubly-focused during sex itself, the benefits of which don't need mentioning.

3. Yoga strengthens our
internal sexual muscles

Just like many women like to do kegel exercises to improve their pelvic floor muscles, and thus make themselves tighter and more receptive to penetrative sex, so yoga can help in a similar way. Many yoga exercises incorporate attention to the pelvic floor, but what's an added bonus, is that yoga also concentrates on every other muscle, so during sex, you'll be more relaxed, and will be able to go for longer, and with a higher intensity.

4. Yoga relieves stress

It's hard to enjoy sex when you have other things on your mind. Regular yoga will relax you enough to not only focus on the quality of sex you're having, but it will enable you to compartmentalize your life so you're better able to deal with issues that would usually have you reaching for the Valium. Great sex comes from being controlled in all areas of your life. Use yoga to help you reach that state of inner peace, then you can start enjoying the best sex of your life.

5. Yoga boosts confidence

Yoga makes us feel good about ourselves. While yoga can help you to lose weight and build muscles, yoga is more about relaxing and stretching muscles, to make us more flexible, as well as training our minds to be in more tune with our bodies and our souls. Yoga is proven to boost our self-esteem by making us feel great, and if you feel great, you'll be better placed to start sharing that feeling, starting in the bedroom.

6. Yoga heightens your orgasms

Yes, it really does! Yoga is the ideal activity for increasing our suppleness, our spirituality and our stamina. It makes us become best friends with our bodies, and through that, it allows us to take control, lose our inhibitions, and open our minds to the idea of attaining sexual nirvana. The physical advantages of yoga will equip us to be able to last in bed for much, much longer than you previously thought possible. And the spiritual side really does help make those orgasms incredibly intense.

It might take a while to marry the two together, but once you've practiced yoga for a while, you will start to feel a shift in yourself, not just physically, but sexually. You'll be more aware of how your body and mind to reacts to certain stimuli, and you'll also learn to 'go with the flow'. Soon, you'll be enjoying 'yogasms' that'll really blow your mind.


This week is all about familiarizing yourself with the naughty benefits of yoga. You may be practicing yoga now but not realize how it can help your sex life which I'm here to show you. If you are then take time to slow down and pay attention to areas of your body that make you feel more aroused in a position.

If you don't practice yoga at all then now is the time to start. Next week I will show you how to get started along with showing you different yoga poses. So this week I want you to commit to booking a yoga class next week to get you started. Or go out and buy some yoga videos or look online for free yoga workouts. Practicing yoga doesn't have to cost you anything.

Stay tuned for next week... How To Start Your Yoga Routine!

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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