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 - Month 1 - Week 3

Shake Your Booty

Week 3 of the Naughty Challenge

The second easiest way to lose weight without spending a dime, it to dance more. Dancing works your whole body, gets your muscles toned, works your heart, and it's fun! There are lots of dance classes, for singles and couples, that are an inexpensive, enjoyable way to lose weight. You've all seen shows like "Dancing With the Stars", so you've seen how much weight they can lose, just by training and changing their diet. Even the 'flabbiest' contestants seem to transform into toned, streamlined celebrities, within just a few weeks. They end up losing so much weight, and have so much fun doing it, that it's no surprise that the vast majority of stars who appear on the show - having never danced before - maintain their dancing classes even after the show is over. But you don't need to spend as long as they do in the dance studio. All you need, is 30 minutes a day, or three hour-long sessions a week.

The benefits of dancing, and reasons to dance, include:

1. It doesn't feel like a workout

Many people hate places like the gym, they can be intimidating places and routines can get boring. But dancing is never boring, so it's a fun way to lose weight, and not mind doing it. It won't feel like you're working out at all! Make a playlist of your favorite dance songs 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. Press play and dance your way to a fitter you.

2. You don't need experience

You don't need to know how to dance, to dance. If you're at home, just put on your favorite music and start dancing around your home, enjoying yourself. Remember when you were a kid, and sang in front of the mirror with a hairbrush? Well get back into old habits! I've been doing it ever since I was little, and now I do it every week in my house (minus the hairbrush, this time...). I have lots of different dance mixes that I put together myself, everything from salsa, Arabic, swing, 70s, 80s and R&B. I play it in shuffle mode, put on my lingerie or tight yoga pants, and a sports bra, so I can see my body, then I start dancing around the room in front of my mirrors, having fun. I don't care what I look like or if I'm dancing good. No-one can see me and, even if they could, who cares? I just act silly and have fun. And I'm burning calories while I'm doing it.

3. Dance lessons help confidence

If you're not a natural dancer, sign up for some dance lessons. As well as training you in a new skill which will help you lose weight, it's also a great way of meeting new people and socializing. I've taken salsa, swing, tango and bellydancing classes, and met some wonderful people. I get bored easily, so I like to mix things up - you don't have to stick to just one class, or it might be that it takes a while for you to find a dance that suits you. Once you learn some moves, then you can practice them when you're at home on your own. Better still, take a lover with you, and you can both practice at home, especially if you've chosen something sexy and sultry like the tango or salsa. Being able to dance, or just putting yourself out there in a dance class, does wonders for sexual confidence, and it also helps you discover how your body can really move. Dancing is a whole different language, a language of love, so learning to dance is going to unleash that true naughty girl inside you.

4. Get clubbing!

Once you learn some dance moves, start going out to salsa clubs, etc where you can practice in front of others and have fun without realizing that you're even working out. Your newfound confidence will add to your sexual energy, and you'll be putting yourself out there at the same time as giving your heart a proper workout. I have a girlfriend who, whenever she visits me, actually loses weight. That's because we go to nightclubs and dance the night away all the time, and she's active when she's with me as we go walking and we aren't sitting around my house. Combining walking with dancing is going to make you lose weight even quicker, and all without even really trying. Move, move, move!

5. It keeps you supple

Whereas going to the gym to do a workout can really tone you up, it's more muscle-building than muscle-softening. Dancing, however, is a great way to make you looser, more rhythmic, and more supple. Having a supple body has obvious benefits in the bedroom, too, so the more you dance, the more lithe, lissome, and downright sexy you're going to be in the boudoir. It's all about the rhythm!


So get dancing as soon as possible, whether it's in the privacy of your own home, or out in a club or dance lessons. Incorporate dance into your cleaning or cooking routines, dance in front of your mirror when getting ready in the morning or when going out, dance with your kids as they'll love it, just dance whenever or wherever the moods takes you! Your energy levels will sky rocket, your body will loosen up and become less tense, and your heart will get stronger every time you shake that booty.

Start with 30 minutes of dancing, 4 times a week. Trust me, as soon as you play music you enjoy and start dancing, you will want to keep dancing as it's such a fun way to get fit without feeling like you're working out. Even if you only do 5-10 minutes of dancing throughout the day, it will still get you fit and give you energy. So maybe when you wake up, do 5-10 minutes of dancing which will get your energy going to start your morning, then 5-10 minutes during your lunch break, and another 5-10 minutes of dancing when you get home.

It's best to do 30 minutes at a time to get your heart rate going, but if you don't have 30 minutes that day, breaking it up will be fine. Just remember to get your body moving so you can get more fit!

Week 4 - Be a Tease

Stay tuned for next week...

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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