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 - Month 2 - Week 1

Month 2 of the Naughty Challenge:
Loving Yourself

Week 1 - Daily Routines

Loving yourself is something you need to do on a daily basis. It's not enough to just treat yourself to a facial, or have dinner in a fancy restaurant now and again. This is a daily challenge, and should become part of your lifestyle. Loving yourself doesn't have to be expensive, or time consuming, but it does need to happen.

We have to love ourselves, before we can share that love with anyone else. We have to take time out for ourselves, pamper ourselves, learn about ourselves and truly love ourselves, if we're to spread what we've learned, to others.

Life is hectic, whatever your relationship status. Most people have busy jobs that take up precious time, and if you have children, then you have even less time to spend on either you or your partner. Even if you're single, that doesn't necessarily mean you have more time than others. Sometimes, it means you have less time, because you have to spread yourself so thinly, with no-one else to share family or household tasks with.

But it's important to make time for yourself. Even if it's a half an hour a day, we have to make the effort to take care of ourselves, and learn about who we truly are. If you're not completely in tune with your entire mind, body and soul, then how do you expect potential partners to become in tune with you?

We spend all day with ourselves, yet we rarely take any notice of that. Learning to love yourself will not only help you cope better with life's little ups and down, it will also do wonders for your confidence, and you'll start exhibiting an air of self-assurance, which is one of the sexiest weapons you have.

Also, one of the first things you should do before beginning this challenge, is to ditch the celebrity magazines, and switch off the reality shows on TV, because there's nothing real about any of them. Shows and magazines like that are designed to make you feel bad about yourself, so that you buy into the multi-billion dollar cosmetics and image industry.

Whatever you look like, it's who you are. Small boobs, big boobs, long legs, short legs, blonde hair, dark hair, full ass, skinny ass... who cares? Stop trying to change the things you feel insecure about, and start celebrating them instead, because beauty, sex appeal, confidence...they all come from within you, not from what you watch on TV. Sexiness and confidence comes from within, not a surgeon.

Getting Out Of Bed

How many times do you just wake up in the morning, jump in the shower, throw on your clothes, then wolf down breakfast and head out of the door? You do it so fast, that often you don't even remember doing it. But you're missing a trick. Even if you have kids, or a partner, or whatever your living status is, this is the time of the day when you can really pamper yourself, and fit some 'me time' into your daily routine.

When I get up, I start my daily routine of feeling sexy, from the second I open my eyes. I usually always sleep naked and I have satin sheets that I love to sleep on. The sensation of my satin sheets on my skin makes me feel instantly naughty. I listen to music in the morning to fit my mood, open my windows to get fresh air, then light a peppermint incense stick to really wake me up and kick start my senses.

Shower/Bath Time

Once I get out of bed, I hop in the shower and spend at least 15-20 minutes in there as this is what really wakes me up and is a treat for me. I start by exfoliating my skin with a dry brush, then I deep condition my hair and just relax. Don't be afraid to have a little self-playtime while you're in there. Keep a waterproof vibe by the shower or, even better, try a vibrating loofah. Now that's what I call multi-tasking!

Take Care of Your Body

Afterward my shower, I use a firming cream all my body. Then I wash my face, which is a whole separate routine, so try not to skimp on this by just sticking your face under the shower head. Your face is the first thing people take notice of, so treat it as your prize asset. My after-shower body care and facial routine takes at least 10 minutes, but it's the most important 10 minutes of my day. If you look good, you feel good.....and you look good. It's a self-completing circle.

Listen To Music

And it doesn't stop there for me. Things to include in your daily routine shouldn't be confined to the morning wake-up. For instance, when you're in the car on the way to work, play your favorite music to put you in a good mood, maybe even stir up some sexy memories. Great songs can always take us to good places in our minds, and this enhances our mood for the day ahead.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Stop by the florist or store and buy some fresh flowers, for your work desk or home. Flowers are instant mood-enhancers, both from their sight and smell. Don't forget that smell is our most potent sense, it does all kinds of things to us. Flowers don't have to be big, or expensive - sometimes the smallest, single red rose, can have a huge impact on how we feel.

Treat Yourself To Lunch

Another little thing you can do, is treat yourself to a sit down lunch at a nice outdoor cafe if it's sunny and warm outside. Instead of the usual 10-15 minute lunch break at your desk. Take yourself out and enjoy your alone time, or ask a friend to join you and have a good laugh before heading back to work. Walking to lunch, sitting down to eat and having a good laugh will give you instant energy and will improve your mood for the second half of your work day.

Unwind Time

Once you get home, carry on the daily routine, with something indulgent like spending a sexy night in with relaxing in a hot bath (with maybe a toy or two...), or having a glass of wine and reading a book for an hour. Don't be afraid to lie back on the sofa and watch your guilty pleasure TV show, maybe spend an hour cooking yourself a nice meal, or putting on a face mask and lying back to some relaxing music.


The point is, to do things for yourself on a daily basis. You might want to start small, and just incorporate one or two of the suggestions above, as you get used to the new routine and start making more time for yourself. You'll soon find that it's easy to fit in little daily pamper-moments, around bigger tasks, and soon you'll wonder how you ever wasted such precious me-time, before.

Also, what I listed above is a small list...there are so many other things that you can do to love yourself. Feel free to come up with your own suggestions as mine are just examples and to get you started. Once you've opened your eyes to how important time for yourself is, then you'll be ready for the rest of the challenge!

Stay tuned for next week...Me Time!

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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