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Attaining Pleasure Every Day | Naughty Coaching

Attaining Pleasure Every Day

For some reason, the pursuit of pleasure in Western society is seen as selfish, hedonistic and self-indulgent. It's drummed into us from an early age that enjoyment, especially sexual enjoyment, is somehow wrong or sinful, that it has to be earned and doesn't come 'free.' But who decided that? Suppressing pleasure is simply a form of control, but you don't have to live that way. The key to discovering self-fulfillment and being a good person is by looking after your own mind, body and soul, and that means being happy.... which means giving yourself pleasure every day. There's nothing wrong with indulging yourself in things which make you feel good, particularly when it comes to sex, so you should make the pursuit of pleasure one of life's priorities. Here's how.

1. Lose the guilt

Pursuing pleasure should be as natural as breathing to you. Let's be clear - you deserve pleasure, it's your birthright and it helps you to know yourself completely. Men who are in tune with themselves make better lovers, friends and mentors. Things like religion and social conditioning demand that we feel guilty every time we go after something for ourselves, but think about it - why is seeking pleasure a bad thing? It isn't. As long as you're not hurting others on your journey towards self-pleasure, then there's nothing wrong with actively seeking pleasure every day.

2. Worship your body & train your brain

If you want to attain true pleasure, then you have to start looking after yourself. When it comes to sex, many men think it's a case of just fitting physical pieces together, but true pleasure is about so much more than that. You need to start thinking like women, who know that total pleasure comes from a combination of a sound body and a sound mind. Not only should you be keeping yourself in good physical shape - so you can last longer in the bedroom - but you should also be training your brain to engage in the pursuit of pleasure. For instance, did you know that you can 'think' yourself to an orgasm? Your brain is the most sensitive, sexual organ you possess, but most men never use it properly. Pleasure is an holistic concept - you have to look after all the sum parts to achieve the ultimate whole.

3. Keep an open mind

Attaining pleasure every day means always being on the lookout for new things to try. Ask yourself what gives you pleasure, both sexually or emotionally, then explore other options. Maybe you've always had sex in a certain position, so try a new one. Perhaps you should investigate things like chakra healing, libido-boosting teas and herbs, erotic massage and even yoga. Yes, I know you're a guy but this is exactly why you should be thinking outside the box. Sexual pleasure, especially, is not just about the physical, and that's why you need to change the way you think. By paying attention to other areas of your mind and body, you'll realize there are dozens of other ways to attain pleasure.

4. Use your 5 senses

In my experience, men are not very in tune with their senses, which means you're missing out on some incredible ways to experience pleasure. Think about all the things which arouse you - women, music, food, maybe even your car - and use those objects to fine tune your senses and have you thinking about sex all day long. For instance, take time over a meal, savoring every bite. If you're cooking for a lover, make a showpiece of it with aphrodisiacs and fine wine. Stimulate your sense of sound by putting on soft, sexy music in the background, light scented candles to get your sense of smell working overtime, then get tactile by giving each other an erotic massage. Foreplay isn't just something you do before sex, it's a 24/7 thing which will heighten your ability to find pleasure in everything you do.

For much more information on how to attain pleasure every day, check out my Confidence Coaching Program.

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