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5 Sensual Sex Spells To Cast
On Your Lover This Halloween

Halloween is approaching, so it's time to discover your inner witch and learn how to cast some sensual sex spells on your lover. Sexual energy is sexual magic, so this is the perfect time of year to hone your powers of bewitchment and use all five of your senses to seduce and enchant that special someone. You can easily enchant someone with your perfume, how you dress, the way you speak and more.

Even if you're single, that's no reason not to make the most of this naughty occasion. Single people have libidos, too, so get yourself off this Halloween by increasing the potency of your own sexual energy and, who knows, maybe your special brand of erotic magic will bring a sexy new lover your way?

Utilizing all of your senses, each of these sex spells has the power to entrance and bewitch, so you can use them either on your lover or the distant object of your desire. Use them on yourself, too, to keep you feeling horny and ready for action all day long.

1. Spell of Smell - Incense

Smell is our most evocative sense, invoking vivid memories and intense desires. Incense has always been a great tool for triggering these desires and is well-known for its power in heightening our sexual energy. This is why it's so great to use when casting sex spells because its effects are very hard for anyone to resist.


Is a known aphrodisiac, a favorite with ancient civilizations like the Incas, Aztecs and many Native American tribes. The intense aroma of patchouli instantly awakens sexual desires and boosts sexual energy. It also has hypnotic qualities and can relax and soothe the mind. Try burning some patchouli sticks the next time your lover comes over and watch him immediately fall under your spell. Or, if you're trying to lure a new lover into your web, wear some diluted patchouli perfume on your neck or wrists, or carry a patchouli sachet in your purse, and he'll be drawn to you in no time. If you're single, then having some patchouli burning in the background can help set the mood for great solo sex.


Is nature's great reviver. If you or your lover have had a stressful day and you need something to get you both in a sexy mood quickly and easily, then peppermint is the scent to use for your sex spell. It's an instant pick-me-up and, better still, it energizes you sexually so you both have the stamina to have sex all night long. Peppermint also has a direct impact on a woman's sexual arousal. Inhaling peppermint stimulates the imagination and can actually trigger erotic dreams. And because women need mental, as well as physical stimulation during sex, peppermint can be your personal sex spell.


Is the most manly of sexual scents. Obtained from deer and certain herbal plants, the chemical make-up of musk is said to resemble testosterone, which is why men respond so strongly to it. For women, the smell of musk obviously invokes sexual attraction to their lover. For men, the musk scent makes them feel instantly virile and sexually potent. So if you want your lover to feel rampant all night, get lighting those musk incense sticks!


This scent usually reminds people of churches, but that's exactly why it's so sexy, because it's sinful! Frankincense has long been used in rituals, even before Christianity came along. The Egyptians, in particular, used frankincense as a sexual energy booster - its molecular structure is similar to that of our sex hormones, so don't feel guilty about using it to cast your sex spell.

Ylang Ylang

Is a famously aromatic flower and has been used for centuries in Eastern sexual philosophy. Associated with the heart chakra, the scent can slow down a rapid heartbeat but also invoke a sense of calm euphoria, much like a mild morphine. So if you want your lover to come down after a hard day, cast a spell of ylang ylang around the house and he'll be nuzzling into your neck in no time.

2. Spell of Sight - Color Red

Red is the color of blood, of lust, of danger, of power, of passion and of sex. So it's obviously the color of choice when it comes to your sex magic. Think about all the different ways red is used to invoke naughtiness - from brothels and devils to sexy lingerie, long red, fingernails and, of course, lipstick. If you're out on a date with your lover, wear a blood red dress to bewitch and beguile him. If he's coming round to yours, use red as your theme with red candles, roses, bedsheets, cushions, plates, glasses...and the lingerie underneath your dress. Be as dangerous as you dare, even using red light bulbs to evoke a decadent atmosphere in promise of the erotic evening ahead.

3. Spell of Taste - Herbal Sex Potions

A proper sex spell wouldn't be complete without a love potion or two. The act of sipping on a magical concoction is a powerful, super-sexy start to any Halloween. And there are plenty of natural ingredients out there proven to boost libido and strengthen sexual stamina. Experiment with different potions to see which ones work on you, too. Then, when you're an expert at mixing your magical medicines, you can invent a unique sexual potion just for you and your lover.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Ginseng actually means 'man root' because of its physical resemblance to a penis, so that's recommendation enough, right?! It contains a substance similar to caffeine, a known stimulant, so it makes a great base for your sex potion. You can buy it in bags or loose, so simply boil the kettle and steep a bag in a cup, adding a little honey for sweetness, and have it ready for your lover when he comes over. Red ginseng, from Korea, is especially potent.


Yohimbe is an African tree whose bark contains a natural chemical which stimulates erections. It's actually sold in prescription form as an aid for penile dysfunction but you can also get it in herbal form as well as a rough bark that you can use to make a tea. Latest research suggests that yohimbe may also break down cellulite, so women could get an extra benefit, too.

Potency Wood

Also known as Muira Puama, is an Amazonian plant which has been shown to increase sexual desire and sexual energy in both men and women. You can use the root and bark to make tea, or take it in vegetable pill form. An instant reviver, use it with a drop of peppermint to enhance the taste and give yourselves a double-hit.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is fantastic for increasing blood flow around the sexual organs. It also boosts oxygen supply to the brain so it can act like an instant endorphin without having to exercise. Men report enhanced erections when taking ginkgo, so always make sure to have a box of tea bags on hand.

4. Spell of Sound - Erotica

What's sexier than whispering naughty things into your lover's ear, or reading aloud a hot, dirty story? Men need a little more help when it comes to using their imagination for sex, so hearing your voice say filthy things is going to give him that extra nudge to put him in a kinky mood. Set the scene - low lights, incense, candles, silky bed sheets - then lie back and read to him. Don't be afraid to add in extra details that aren't in the story, or maybe you can even make up your own story especially for him. Tell him your explicit sexual fantasies in all their dirty detail, or blindfold him and put on a porn movie while you describe to him what's happening on the screen. By forcing him to use only his sense of sound, his imagination will have to work extra hard and he'll be hot and bothered in no time.

If you're single, reading erotica aloud to yourself will stimulate you into a sexual fervor, so make sure you have your favorite sex toy to hand so you can act out some of the things you're reading.

5. Spell of Touch - Massage

Touch is probably the most instantly erotic sense we have because it's instant and obviously very physical. Touch creates intimacy, it brings us closer together and makes us feel safe, sexy and desired. Being touched in a certain way releases sexual endorphins in the brain and can also release blocked sexual energy. Without touch, a lot of relationships can fail, so it's essential you and your lover get as tactile as possible.

The best way to boost the amount of touch in your love life - and a great way of casting a touch-based sex spell - is through massage. It's a bonding activity that both of you can participate in equally. You learn to give and to receive and you also learn about what feels good to each other. If you're single, simply book a massage at a spa and see how easy it is to unblock all that pent-up sexual energy. Massages are particularly good as preparation for a big date or just as a way of treating yourself.

Your choice of oil when massaging can determine the sexual mood, so here are a few of my own recommendations:

~ Citrus is famous for boosting energy and keeping you awake, so a lemon, lime or passionfruit massage oil will both relax your lover and keep him alert so he can service you later.

~ Sandalwood is very popular with guys as it's heady and deep, not feminine or floral. It'll calm him and arouse him at the same time.

~ Vetiver has the ability to stimulate a man's brain, so it's definitely magic! It's a woody, smoky scent which induces calmness and a mild sense of sedation. He can conserve his energy during the massage so he has plenty of energy for sex later on.

~ Neroli is an oil distilled from bitter orange trees. It's warm and spicy and is great to use on a dark, cold Halloween night.

~ Jasmine was a favorite scent of the Egyptians who used it in massage to promote fertility and virility, so it's the perfect massage oil to rev both of you up for a magical night of passion.

So now you have all the ingredients you need for your cauldron to ensure those sparks will be flying long into the night. But don't just save your sex spells for Halloween, tailor them to suit different times of year so you're never short of a trick or two to enchant and bewitch your lover all the year round.

- Sienna SinclaireĀ® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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