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Sexy Ways To Stay Fit

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is becoming a very popular way to stay in shape. It's fun, sexy, completely accessible and, most importantly, it gets every single muscle working, including your heart. Sometimes exercise can be dull, so pole dancing adds that extra bit of kick to your fitness routine and, trust me, there's no better way to tone those arms, legs, tummy and butt, than throwing yourself around a shiny metal pole! After even a short time, you'll become more flexible, supple and have more stamina, which is definitely going to come in handy in the bedroom.

Pole dancing will also boost your self-confidence, as well as your body confidence. It's a fantastic way to just let yourself go and shed those inhibitions, and that's going to make you feel super sexy. You can use some of the moves you've learned to spice things up with your lover, maybe give him a pole dancing show as part of your foreplay (you can buy poles to install at home.) Pole dancing classes are springing up all over the world, especially in the US, and all kinds of women go along, they're not all supermodels. So if the gym isn't for you, try something new.

Burlesque Classes

Burlesque is a style of erotic dancing suitable for everyone, whatever size and shape you are. It's about performance, about showing off what you've got and being confident doing it. We've all seen Dita Von Teese, Sally Rand and Gypsy Rose Lee, strutting their stuff and looking like the most confident people in the world - but it's all in the performance, the act, and there's no reason why you can't do the same.

If you're not happy with the way you look or you just lack self-esteem, burlesque dancing is the ultimate way to shed those insecurities and discover a whole new side to yourself. A burlesque class will teach you how to love every lump, bump and curve of your body and, more importantly, make you want to show them off.

As well as being a great confidence booster, burlesque dancing is fantastic exercise, too. If you want to tone up or learn how to be more flexible, a burlesque class is the perfect solution. If you're a bit shy, then buy a burlesque video where you can learn in the comforts of your home. Then, once people start noticing your new body and new self-belief, you won't mind telling them how you got them.

Lap Dance Classes

If you want to get really steamy, both in and out of the bedroom, then learn how to lap dance. Like burlesque and pole dancing, there are classes opening up all over the place, and the girls who attend are a real mix of sizes, shapes and ages. But don't be fooled by those easy-looking shimmies and shakes, because lap dancing can be serious exercise! Combining dancing with slow, sexy moves, takes coordination and stamina, so you'll be giving your body a proper muscle workout as you learn all the moves. Lap dancing is a fun way to initiate foreplay with your lover, and what guy is going to say no to a sexy woman bumping and grinding up against him? It's a huge turn on, for both of you, so look for a class near you.


It's free and one of the best workouts for your body. Walking is a great way to start an exercise program, particularly if you have not been active in a while. 30 minutes a day is all you need to get your body in motion. Walking doesn't have to seem like a workout because you can easily fit walking into your daily routine. Try a brisk walk after dinner or when you're on vacation to see the sights. If possible walk to the store instead of taking your car.

Getting out in the fresh air after being inside all day trapped behind a desk can really clear your head, help you process your thoughts, stretch out tired muscles and can give you fresh energy for your evening. Walking is great exercise for your whole body. It helps your heart and works out your legs and butt.

Sexy Tip: Take a stroll on the beach where the resistance from the sand helps work out your bum and legs really well. Plus you can show off your body in a bathing suit along with getting a tan.

Dance Classes

If you're feeling more energetic, then dance classes are the way to go. It doesn't matter what dance you choose - salsa, tango, maybe swing - it's about all those calories you're going to burn as you fly around the room having fun. Most dances also require a partner, so joining a class is a great way to make new friends and boost your confidence. Health-wise, dancing works your heart and really gets the blood pumping, which makes you burn calories faster, and will strengthen your core balance. Your butt and legs will become firm and toned, and your coordination will improve drastically. Look at shows like Dancing With The Stars. How many times do you hear of the contestants losing weight as they rehearse and perform over the weeks? Dancing is a fabulous way to shed the pounds, build muscle, and increase your stamina. You'll feels sexy, confident, energetic and ready for some dancing of a different kind - in the bedroom.

Belly Dancing

This is a great thing to do if you want to work those abdominal muscles, especially. Belly dancing centers most activity around the tummy and pelvis, but it's a whole lot more fun than doing crunches or stretches down at the gym. Plus, you get to wear some very sexy clothes that'll transform you into a real tigress as you dance. As well as toning your tum, you'll learn how to build on your inner core, how to balance properly, and how to move your body in a way that not only looks sexy, but feels sexy to you, too. And your lover is going to be keen to see what you're learning, week-on-week, so if he's good, you can give him a free show.


If you've never done yoga before, you might think it's just a group of people sitting around in silence, holding their legs above their heads - so where's the benefit in that? But yoga (and there are tons of different kinds,) has so many advantages, it would be impossible to list them all.

The important thing about yoga, is that it's a mental, as well as physical, exercise. Combined with meditation, yoga relaxes your mind, body and soul (which combats stress,) so you're in a better place to deal with what's going on in your life. Physically, the different exercises, positions and routines involved in yoga, will make you more flexible, increase your stamina and improve your core.

In the bedroom, you will be as bendy as you need to be, for all those naughty positions you want to try - and you'll last longer, too. Join a beginner's class, find out what type of yoga suits you, then get on the program. Everyone needs 'me time,' and yoga is the best way to combine exercise, meditation and personal time, all in one go.

Acrobat Classes

These are harder to find than, say, burlesque or pole dancing classes, but they're incredibly fun and you might surprise yourself at just how athletic you really are. A friend of mine took up acrobat classes in her 40s, she'd never done anything like it before. She is now close to 50, and is in the best shape of her life. Working that flying trapeze along with various other stunts, have not only toned her entire body and strengthened her heart, but she's also tons more confident than she was before.

Sometimes we just need an outlet for misplaced energy, or some place to de-stress and be someone else for a while. Acrobat classes are like kids' jungle gyms but for adults. You might need a head for heights, but if you like something a little off the wall, acrobat classes will really get the adrenaline pumping. And who knows? Maybe you'll learn a few acrobatic moves you can shift into the bedroom.


Whereas yoga has very spiritual roots, Pilates is more focused on the physical. It's purpose is to strengthen your inner core and pelvic floor, and 'centralize' your body's alignment, especially your spine. This will improve your general balance and posture, and it believed that Pilates also helps prevent things like back pain, headaches and migraines, joint pain and nervous tension.

There are lots of similarities between yoga and Pilates, so try both to find out which suits you best. Both exercises are going to improve your sex life, too, because not only will you be more supple and flexible, but you'll learn how to balance correctly, and where to put your weight when you're in different positions, making sex much more intense.

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