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- The Art of a Hand Job

The Art of A Hand Job | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

The Art of a Hand Job

For some women, giving their guy a hand job can be a chore or duty, just something they 'have to do' to keep him satisfied. Also, it can be quite intimidating for girls because they know men masturbate all the time and nobody is going to be better than him at getting him off, right? Not always as guys like different sensations and having you give him a hand job is like having someone new touch him.

Also, I think people don't give enough hand jobs these days as they may think it's too elementary. But there are guys out there that love a good hand job! It's good to change things up a bit. Plus hand jobs are great for under the table at a restaurant, under a blanket on a plane, while driving or even in the bedroom to change things up or to add variety to his blow job.

There's much more to hand jobs than just stroking him up and down, which can be tiring for you and boring for him. By learning new techniques, you'll not only have him adore you, but you'll learn new ways to get him off and maybe even you.


Preparation is key to giving a perfect hand job, not just to make sure your lover is satisfied but also to cut down on the effort you need to invest yourself. Keep your hands soft and hang nail-free, get a manicure (men love to see bright red nails wrapped around their cocks), remove your jewelry and keep lubes and lotions close by.

When your lover isn't around, practice your technique on bananas or cucumbers - sounds crude but the more practice you get, the more comfortable you'll be at giving a hand job! Also, before he arrives, make sure the temperature is conducive to a good hand job. You want him to relax, not be shivering or too hot.

Get creative

There's no right or wrong way to give a hand job, it all depends what your lover likes and also trying new things he might not have experienced. Experiment with rhythm and speed, instead of just pumping him up and down. A lightness of touch can be twice as stimulating as a firm grip, and working at him at different angles can alter the sensations he's feeling.

He might not even know what his favorite position is, because he'll only ever have masturbated in a certain way, so play around and see what he responds to. Have lots of different lubes on hand so you can experiment with cool and warm temperatures direct to his skin.

Some guys may like their cock to be dry when you masturbate him, others prefer to be wet to reduce friction. Listen to how he responds as you work him and maintain eye contact as much as you can. Men love it when they can see your own responses, they want to know you're enjoying it as much as him.

Vary your technique

Don't just use the standard one-handed up and down technique, try to vary it as much as possible. It's about being able to use your hands to give multiple sensations instead of just one.

~ Use two hands for a more solid grip that's easier on your fingers.

~ Try out the spider by resting the palm of your on the tip of his cock while your fingers tickle and tease him around the head and shaft. Use your other hand to hold the base of his cock while you work the rest of his cock.

~ Try twisting as you go up and down his cock to send pressure ripples all the way through him.

~ Grip one hand around the base of his cock, like a cock ring, and use the other to work him up and down.

~ Pay attention to his balls, too, because they're just as sensitive. Massaging his balls and stroking his taint at the same time as you pump his shaft, will have him moaning in double-pleasure.

When he's coming...

...Be ready! Working him into a frenzy needs a suitable pay off at the end. Decide beforehand where he's going to come, so you can be ready. Does he want to come over your breasts, in your mouth, over your ass or inside you? He might even change his mind mid-hand job so make sure you're flexible enough to adapt in case the plan changes.

Don't neglect yourself

Remember, a hand job is not for the exclusive pleasure of your lover and, thanks to today's wonderful technology, there's no reason you can't be getting yourself off at the same time as you're attending to him.

Toys like suction-cup dildos are fantastic for fixing to the floor or wall so you can fuck yourself at the same time you're masturbating your lover, or you can invest in some Liberator furniture which is specially designed to hold sex toys in place so you can keep your hands free for the hand job.

If you're an expert at one-handed hand jobs, use your other hand to rub your clit or hold a vibrator. Better still, if your lover is flexible enough, get him to masturbate you while you work his cock - getting in the good old '69' position is perfect for mutual masturbation.

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- Sienna SinclaireĀ® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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