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Makeover Your Look | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

Makeover Your Look

We all know dating is a minefield, not least because the first thing our date notices about us is the way we look. If you haven't dated for a while, then you may have slipped into bad habits and not been taking proper care of yourself. Even if you're happy with your image, there's nothing wrong with mixing things up, because a change in appearance can give you a whole new outlook and make you feel different and fabulous. Dating doesn't mean just dressing up for one night, it means being ready for anything, all of the time. From grocery shopping, to working out at the gym, you just never know when you're going to meet someone cute, so it makes sense to look good when you step out of your house.

Making over your look is the perfect way to inject some sexiness into your life. It will also boost your self-confidence, a must if you're to be successful at dating! And you don't have to change your look to just one thing - you can be a different person each day, which is why makeovers can be so exciting.

Makeover Your Look | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

1. Makeover your make up bag

Every girl has their favorite products, but makeup can get stale and old, while brushes get dirty. Subtle changes in the colors and tones you use can have drastic effects on your overall look. Keep it simple, and maybe go to a store and get a free makeover with a professional so you can see different looks on yourself. Clean up your makeup bag and make room for a new line of products. Once you makeover your makeup bag, go online to check out new looks for eyes, contouring and more.

Makeover Your Look | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

2. Makeover your hair

A simple change of hairstyle can have a radical effect on your appearance. If you've always had long hair, try getting it cut. Hair grows back, so what's the worst that can happen? Get professional advice from a salon or go online and try one of those interactive websites that let's you photoshop your face onto different styles so you can get an idea of what would suit you. Taking the plunge with the scissors is therapeutic and daring, so don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. YouTube, especially, does great hair tutorials if you want to try a new look without the cut.

Makeover Your Look | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

3. Makeover your closet

Being comfortable in your clothes is essential if you're to have the confidence to date successfully. But you've also got to be prepared to experiment a little. Just because you've never worn mini skirts or plunging necklines, doesn't mean the look won't suit you. Concentrate on your best assets - legs, breasts, arms, whatever - and tailor your clothes accordingly.

Go through your closet and throw out anything you haven't worn in six months. Trash the tired sweats and other junk holding you back from looking and feeling fabulous, and switch the temperature up to sexy, sexy, sexy! Remember that sexy isn't slutty, always leave a little to the imagination. For example, if you're going to show off cleavage then wear your skirt longer and vice versa.

Makeover Your Look | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

4. Makeover your body

You don't have to be a supermodel to carry off a sexy look. If you know you could lose a little weight, be proactive and start exercising. Or maybe you love your curves...then show them off instead of covering them up with baggy clothes and black. Instead go bright and fitted! Got dimples on your legs which stop you wearing short skirts? There are some very effective lotions and potions to help you get those sexy pins back. Things like nude nylons, self-tanning and massage can give your skin that healthy glow. Want perky breasts? The right bra can transform your breasts from droopy to movie-star perky. Look at your posture and gait - do you slouch or hunch your shoulders as you walk? By walking up straight, head high and shoulders back, you can go from shrinking violet to lofty sunflower in seconds.

Makeover Your Look | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

5. Makeover your attitude

To look sexy you need to think sexy. We all have insecurities about the way we look, but you only ever look as sexy and confident as you feel. Train yourself by practicing different stances in the mirror, or examining the way you walk into the room. If people think you look confident, they'll treat you accordingly. Practice walking in heels for the ultimate show stopping entrance. If you believe you're sex on legs, then that's what other people will see, too.

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- Sienna SinclaireĀ® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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