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How To Become A Sex Goddess |  Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

How To Become A Sex Goddess

Every woman wishes they had more sexual self confidence but it can be difficult to totally let go and just let your sexual desires take over. Tapping into your inner sex goddess will enable you to be bolder and more imaginative when it comes to sex, and also give you the confidence to take control of your own pleasure and ask for what you want. A sex goddess is not a slut or an overtly sexual woman, she is a self-assured naughty girl who fulfills and inspires fantasies and is in control of her own sexual destiny. Famous examples include Cleopatra, the Italian courtesan Veronica Franco and, in the modern era, Sophia Loren. Think strong, think confident and think mysterious.

Identifying your inner sex goddess

There are so many different types of sex goddess, so you don't have to pick an actual person to model yourself on, just the attributes which appeal to you. For instance, you could be a rock goddess, someone streetwise and sassy, creative and sensitive. Love goddesses are those who give, give, give, and who love providing home comforts and calmness to their lovers. Natural goddesses will love the outdoors and be in tune with their earthiness and all of their five senses, whereas passion goddesses focus on arousal and desire, with foreplay a specialty. Then, of course, there's the actual sex goddess herself, feminine and provocative, someone who knows how to tease and tantalize. All you have to do is think about what turns you on and makes you feel sexually powerful, and tailor your inner goddess to be that woman.

Using your goddess

Decide what your goddess is for. Do you want her to help you get dates? Is she there to help you find your sexual match? Maybe you just want her to help boost your self-confidence? Think about what your chosen goddess would wear, say and think in any given situation. If you're using her to find a date, she can give you the confidence to wear that sexy outfit you've always wanted to try out. She can help you start conversations and ask questions that you'd usually be too reserved to try. If you're in a long term relationship, your goddess can help remind your lover how fabulous you are. You can even use your goddess just to satisfy yourself. Try out different personas in the comfort of your own home by role-playing different personalities. You can even take her out to see how she behaves in different situations then, once you've decided which goddess feels most natural to you, use her the next time you're on a date.

Have fun

You must always choose an inner goddess you can have fun with, someone who's an extension of your own personality, who can reveal your hidden depths. She should never be someone you're not comfortable with because this will show on the outside and will not be attractive to others. Sure, she can help you find the confidence to do things you'd never usually do, but she should never force you into situations that feel uncomfortable. We're all actresses, so think of your goddess as the role of a lifetime, and experiment with different ways to play her. Imagine yourself as this goddess the next time you masturbate and feel how empowered she makes you. Then you can channel her when you're next having sex with your lover, and let her give you the confidence to be more adventurous or to take the lead.

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- Sienna SinclaireĀ® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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