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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Exotic Cakes

We all know how sexy food can be, but try thinking outside the box this Valentine's Day, and get your lover something he can really get his teeth into. As well as the strawberries, melted chocolate and champagne, think about ordering a bespoke naughty cake which will have you both salivating with sugary desire. Look at this site and get inspired about how to excite your lover's tastebuds. They do penis cakes, boob cakes, even rude collections of cupcakes. The best thing is, if you don't see anything you like, you can commission your own. All you need is imagination, and they'll do the rest. Perhaps you have a naughty photo you'd like them to put on top of a cake for you. Or maybe you'd like an exact replica of your lover's cock made in cake form, so you can eat him at your leisure. Or be extra naughty and get him a cake in the shape of your pussy and make him take turns eating a little bit of the cake version, then a little bit of the real deal. Exotic cakes are a fantastic way to indulge the senses on Valentine's Day, so get ordering now.

Porn Stars Art

If you're looking for a gift to offer your lover this Valentine's Day, or you want him to treat you to something a bit special, then you can't get more intimate or personal than getting some artwork made of your own body parts! James Spinner is the mastermind behind Porn Star's Art and you can hire him to make art pieces of your pussy, ass, breasts, or even your lover's cock. Getting a sculpture made of your pussy is a gift I guarantee will make your lover fall for you all over again. And knowing that there's a little part of you on display in his home for him to admire whenever he wants to, will be a huge turn-on for you, too. You get to pleasure him, even when you're not there. Or maybe you can just treat yourself. I've used him before to make a pussy sculpture, which I display in my house, and I also had him make some soap molds of my pussy, which make perfect little naughty gifts for guests when they stay. Visit James's website for more details, so you can discuss with him personally exactly what you're looking for.

Lover's G-String Red & Pink

Get in a sweet-n-sexy mood with this unique candy G-string. In pretty red and pink, you can give your lover a tasty appetizer this Valentine's Day and have him nibble at your naughty bits until he uncovers the juiciest bit of all. It's made of stretchy elastic with the candies threaded on, just like those bracelets you used to have as a kid. Think of this as the naughty grown-up version.

Candy in a Heart Box

Most lovers swop sweet gifts on Valentine's Day, so to be a little different this year try getting your lover some cheeky candy which will really make him smile. Show how rude he makes you feel with a heart shaped "I Fucking Love You" box filled with tasty treats which even have their own little rude messages on. Or get straight to the point with a box of similarly rude candies presented in a box with an even simpler message: "Let's Fuck."

Vibrating Panties

Now you can feel sexy from dawn til dusk this Valentine's Day, by treating yourself to some vibrating panties. These sexy red lace panties have a hidden pocket into which you slip the slim, discreet bullet vibe. Switch it on, and off you go. There's no reason why you can't climax all day long, anywhere you like. At the office, on the subway, even walking around the store shopping for groceries. Some people might wonder why you're getting so excited over the fruit and veggies, but only you will know your dirty little secret. You can even get your lover in on the act, too, with these remote control vibrating panties. Go out on a sexy date and put your lover in charge of the remote, so you have no idea when or where you're going to start seeing stars.

Sweetheart Bondage Kit

Red is the color of Valentine's Day, so mix up the romance with a little bondage fun and treat your lover to some playful BDSM action. This sexy heart shaped set includes a red satin blindfold, satin cuffs, feather tickler, G-string, pasties and even a flogger, so you can playfully punish your lover if he tries to deviate from the rules you've set down. A brilliant gift for first time BDSMers, or for long term lovers who just want to reignite the fire in their relationship this Valentine's Day.

Adam & Eve Red Hearts Dildo

A truly luxurious gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day, get your lover to give you some close, personal attention with this amazing glass dildo. You can either warm it or chill it before use, then let the glass slide effortlessly up inside you for some truly intensive orgasms. The shaft has raised hearts on it, which will give you an extra kick with every textured thrust. Heat it up, cool it down, whatever works for you. And because it's so easy to clean, you can use it both anally and vaginally with minimal fuss between washes. It comes in a super cute storage pouch, too, so its full 7 inches will stay protected and ready for action whenever you are.

Wonderland Mini Massager

This mini massager really packs a punch so don't be fooled by its cute size and heart shaped tip. Get your lover to slide the ring over his finger so he can get to work on you, massaging all your sensitive areas with one of 10 different speeds and functions. It's 100% silicone so it's super soft to the touch and very easy to clean. It's also waterproof, so it's the ideal toy to take into the bathroom so you can both indulge in some soapy shower sex.

Naughty Candy Hearts Butt Plug

Who thought butt plugs could be romantic? Yet these cute anal playthings are enough to make you blush, especially because they come in three girly colors powder pink, baby blue and lemon yellow. They're made from soft, flexible silicone, so they're great for first time anal experimenters, and your lover will adore shafting your ass as the words "Be Mine" beam out from the base of the plug.

Heart Bikini Shaving Tool

Here's a gift your lover definitely won't be expecting this Valentine's Day - a love heart shaved into your pussy! This kit includes a heart template which is soft and shaped to your body so it won't slip. All you have to do is shave around it, leaving you with a perfect heart shape to show to your lover - but only if he deserves it!

Wonderland Heavenly Heart Vibe

Part of the Wonderland range of 5 collectable vibrating massagers based on characters from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," this heart-shaped vibe is the best. It has 10 functions and the heart-shaped head means you can massage your whole pussy area in one go. Better still, get your lover to take the massager on a trip over your entire body, exploring every nook and cranny, until he discovers where your very own Wonderland is hidden.

Heavenly Heart 10 Function Cock Ring

Make a fuss of your lover this Valentine's Day by gifting him this silicone, heart shaped cock ring. Inserted over his penis, his erection will last longer than usual, and the golden bullet vibe inserted through the holes guarantee a vibrating massage not just for him as he fucks you, but for you, too, because the vibrator will massage your clit every time your lover thrusts up into you. It's waterproof, too, so you can enjoy Valentine's fun anywhere and everywhere you choose.

Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Lifestyle Expert - Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

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