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- 10 Ways To Make Doggie Style Easier
10 Ways To Make Doggie Style Easier

Doggie-style sex can be one of the most stimulating and satisfying sexual positions, especially for women, because it allows deeper penetration and your lover will have more chance of hitting that all-important G Spot!

But for some people it can be difficult to have sex in the doggie position, whether it's because of back problems, age, other conditions, handicaps, or just plain poor balance. But don't worry, there are lots of ways to indulge in doggie-style sex without it being too much of a struggle. Go online and investigate one of these many sex aids that can help you assume the position, literally.

Neoprene Doggie Style Support

One of the problems with doggie style, can be the addition of that extra weight of your lover as they mount you. This doggie- style support system helps alleviate some of that weight and it also helps position you more precisely for penetration from both a 45 and 90 degree angle. The soft straps won't dig in and you'll find that with practice your lover will be banging you at just the right spot for maximum pleasure.

Heart Shape Doggie Strap

This very cute pink and black doggie strap makes doggie-style sex super-comfortable and has in- built webbed handles so your lover can really get a grip on you, pulling you up towards him, and so enabling him to penetrate you more intensely and directly.

Loofah Doggie Style Strap

There's nothing more erotic than sex in the shower unless it's doggie-style sex in the shower! But you have to stay safe when you're having sex in the water, no slipping or sliding to interfere with your pleasure. This loofah doggie style strap fits around your waist and has straps so your lover can hold on while he penetrates you. Used with a shower handle, you can have sex in safe, secure comfort. An added bonus is the double-sided loofah, so you get a free, invigorating exfoliation at the same time!

Liberator Chaise

The Liberator range of sex furniture has revolutionized how couples have sex. Any position, especially doggie-style, is made a whole lot easier thanks to items like these chaises. They are flexible, adjustable, and include a head rest, foot rest, support scoops and super soft foam, which you can move around to whichever position suits you. Doggie-style sex has never felt so good.

Liberator Wedges

A wedge takes the weight off your hands and arms when you're bending over for doggie-style sex. Simply lean over the wedge, which lifts your ass into position so your lover can penetrate you easily and comfortably. Some are adjustable so you can vary your height and angle, and others even come in a cute heart shape so they're great to decorate your home with.

Liberator Flip Ramp

This convenient cube will sit quietly in any room until it's time for some doggie-style play time. Then, simply unfold it and lay it on the floor and lie on top, ready for some sexy, from-behind action. Comes in some fruity colors to brighten up any bedroom.

Liberator Hipsters

A hipster is designed to lift your ass up that little bit further so your lover can enter deeper, and it also lets him kneel directly behind you for some proper 90 degree penetration. Hipsters are also great for letting him enter you deeper during the missionary position because your hips are hoisted higher. Some hipsters come with in-built cuffs for some sexy bondage play.

Liberator Bonbons

Bonbons are small plush cushions with a built-in receptacle for your favorite dildo or vibrator. Simply attach your sex toy (with or without a base, it doesn't matter,) then straddle the bonbon and get riding. Bonbons leave your hands free for other things and allows you the freedom to pleasure yourself in various positions, and in ultimate comfort. Choose from a wide range of colors to suit your mood and, when not in use, the bonbon sits prettily and discreetly in the corner of the room. You can practice different angles and positions for doggie-style sex, at your own pace, before unleashing what you've learned on your lover.

Fantasy Swings

For the ultimate in doggie-style sex, invest in a fantasy swing and learn how to swing your way a whole new level of sexual pleasure. This is a free-standing swing, so you can place it anywhere and it withstands up to 400lbs of pressure, so no excuses not to go for maximum tilt. The bondage straps keep you safe, secure and enable you to get into any position so your lover can penetrate you deeply and freely. Doggie-style sex in a fantasy swing is intense and fully flexible you won't realize just how mobile you actually are until you get fucked in one of these.

Bondage Swing

Bondage swings attach to either the ceiling or a door frame, so they're less intrusive than a free-standing swing. The built-in seat, straps and harness make even the most difficult and athletic sexual positions easier to achieve, especially doggie-style sex. The swing will adjust to any height and angle, so if you have difficulty moving, let the swing move for you.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Lifestyle Expert - Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

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