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- The Art Of Entertaining Women In Your Home

Tips For Entertaining Women In Your Home | Dating & Sex Coaching Los Angeles

The Art Of Entertaining Women in Your Home

Lots of men can feel the pressure when they're expecting a lover or date to come over. Your house doesn't have to be perfect but there are things you can do when entertaining someone to make them feel more sexy and naughty.

It's important to make a good impression when inviting someone over. Your home says a lot about you, so it makes sense to surround yourself with sights, sounds, colors, fabrics and smells which excite you and hopefully your date.

Plus it's important to have a clean place as it says a lot about you, and honestly no girl will feel naughty and sexy if your house smells, you have used sheets, dirty dishes all over the kitchen counter to dirt on your floor. So try out my tips below next time your expecting someone over.

Tips For Entertaining Women In Your Home | Dating & Sex Coaching Los Angeles

Declutter and clean

Remember first impressions are very important so make sure you tidy up before having someone over. If you have someone over and your house is messy, they might assume your whole life is a mess and that you didn't care enough to clean up for them. A messy house says a lot about you, and not in a good way.

So start by spring cleaning and throwing out anything that doesn't have purpose or doesn't look nice. This isn't just for your dates but for yourself too as it will make you feel better about yourself by getting rid of stuff.

Even if you are a bachelor, you don't have to have your home look like one. Try adding some things that women would like when they come over. Light candles and burn an incense to set the mood. These are small things that you can do to decorate.

You can even buy a dimmer to install (only costs around $5), as dimming your lights is a great way to create instant romance and cover up imperfections around your home that you don't others to see. Try decorating your walls in sexy, warm colors and why not hang some erotic art on the wall and see how your date responds. This will either tell you if your date is prudish or she's naughty by her response to the art. First impressions are lasting, so don't blow it before you even get started.

Tips For Entertaining Women In Your Home | Dating & Sex Coaching Los Angeles

Look after yourself

It won't matter if your home looks spotless, if you look tired and worn. Women notice men who take care of themselves. Sure, we like men to be men, but that doesn't mean being sweaty or dirty, or having skin or facial hair that's so dry it's going to scratch us to death when we try to kiss you.

There are plenty of men's grooming products out there to keep you looking smooth and smelling fresh all day long. Moisturizers, deodorants, hair products etc, so there's no excuse not to be clean and presentable. And go buy an iron - creased clothes don't make you look rough around the edges, just scruffy.

Tips For Entertaining Women In Your Home | Dating & Sex Coaching Los Angeles

Set the scene

Women respond to ambiance and mood, we want to feel sexy when we walk into a place. Before she arrives, put on some sexy background music, or a song that means something to the both of you. Light a few scented candles or some incense (nothing too overpowering) and place these discreetly, but safely, around the house. Get some food cooking, so the smells of something alluring and seductive greet her when she steps through the door. Have her favorite drink ready or get a nice bottle of wine. In short, make your place so magnetic and inviting, she won't want to be anywhere else.

Tips For Entertaining Women In Your Home | Dating & Sex Coaching Los Angeles

Prepare the perfect dinner

You don't have to be a Masterchef to seduce a woman with food. You don't even have to cook at all. Always have a decent bottle of wine or champagne in the fridge which you can pour on arrival. If you want to create a seductive dinner, then prepare finger foods that you can feed to each other. For dessert, serve food that you can lick off each other!

If you can cook, go for lots of small tapas-style plates instead of one big meal. That way you can chat and graze at your leisure, sharing food and even taking it into different rooms, or outside. If you can't cook, then look for appetizers on the menu that you can buy and heat up at home. You don't want to feel too full, to were you're too bloated to have sex. Plus it's not a sexy feeling.

Tips For Entertaining Women In Your Home | Dating & Sex Coaching Los Angeles

Have the bedroom ready

If all has gone well and you're ready to make it to the final base, make sure your bedroom is ready. There's no point seducing her in the kitchen or living room only for her to walk into a bomb site. Remove all electronics, gym equipment and anything else which does not belong there. Bedrooms should only be used for sex and sleeping, not as a gym or office.

Have new sex toys ready in the night stand (a simple vibrating bullet is always best), a glass of water on each side, tissues, mints, and supersoft, clean sheets and pillows. Have other things on hand such as a fluffy bathrobe and slippers for when she needs to get up and go to the bathroom. Have clean towels in the bathroom as well as a spare toothbrush in case she forgot her own. Make your bedroom somewhere she wants to keep coming back for more and you'll soon be hosting nights like these on a regular basis.

- Sienna SinclaireĀ® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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