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Overcoming Rejection | Naughty Coaching

Overcoming Rejection

Learn How To Accept Rejection & See It As A Positive!

When you get rejected, it's easy to slip into a funk and become obsessed about "what's wrong with you."

Rejection is never easy to deal with, but it's a fact of life you need to acknowledge and accept it if you're to overcome and minimize the chances of it affecting you.

Rejection happens to everyone, even supermodels, movie stars and ME.

But here's the thing - most rejection has nothing to do with you, it's to do with the person doing the rejecting.

Many people over think the reasons as to why the object of their desire just isn't into them.

They start over analyzing, to such a degree that their self-confidence takes a battering and they begin to feel worthless.

But it's not all about you!

You have to start looking at rejection as nature's way of making sure you don't end up with the wrong person.

If every person you approached was available, then all those potential dates would just blur into one.

There would be no difference between them, no individuality, no uniqueness.

Rejection exists for a reason, but it's how you handle it that will determine whether or not rejection becomes a staple part of your dating lifestyle, or simply a minor obstacle on the way to finding happiness.

The key is to not give up. People will not think less of you just because you say something goofy or make other mistakes.

And if you do get rejected, but deal with it with maturity, then that's something else going in your favor, and it won't go unnoticed.

Your success in approaching potential dates is directly related to being able to get over the fear and anxiety associated with it and learning how to accept rejection.

What you should be doing, is stop waiting for the perfect person to show up, and go out there and make your own chances.

By 'screening' as many dates as you can, and being willing to accept that not all of them are going to be into you - or you them - then will you find a much easier path towards eventually finding the right person for you.

By learning not to take everything so personally, you'll save yourself emotional time and energy which you can use instead on the next person who comes along.

And if they reject you because you weren't their type, or they didn't like something about you, then that's their problem and not yours.

Instead, find someone who is interested in you, and will like you for who you are.

Remember that being rejected can be a plus as it saves you from wasting your time chasing someone who really isn't into you.

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