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How To Have A Threesome

It's the million dollar question, right? How to talk your lover into having a threesome with another hot girl? Some women will be totally up for it, others not so. So how do you tell if your girlfriend might be willing, and how do you make it happen? And if she isn't playing, or you're single, what are your options?

As long as everyone involved is 100% sure what the risks are and it's something they want to do, then threesomes can be awesome. Here's my quick guide to how to get a threesome going.

1. Discussing it with your lover

This can obviously be tricky, but you should know your lover well enough to know if bringing up the subject would cause problems. You can always say that you saw a TV show or read an article about it and was wondering what her thoughts were. It shouldn't take long to get an answer.

If it's something she's definitely not interested in, you shouldn't push it. But if she's responsive, then you need to talk about what's involved, what you're both comfortable with (or not comfortable with) and take it from there.

2. Choosing the right 'guest'

If the plan is a go-er, you need to set about finding a girl you're both happy with. Never go with someone you know, it never works and always, always causes emotional complications. Instead, try going to a strip club and you and your lover paying for a private dance.

Once you find a girl you both get a good vibe from, just try asking her if she'd be willing to join you. You'll have to pay, obviously, but chances are she's quite experienced and can help you both with what happens. There are specialist escort websites for couples after a third wheel, and you can also place your own ad on reputable swinging sites.

Online dating is another option, where you specifically say that you and your lover are looking for a threesome. Or you can just try going out and flirting the hell out of yourselves and see what turns up.

3. What to do when you get there

Once you've found a girl and the night has arrived, it's important to know the ground rules. Decide with your lover beforehand about what you're both happy to do. Perhaps your lover doesn't want you having full sex with the other girl, but oral and masturbation are okay. Maybe she doesn't want to get too intimate with the other girl, either, but she's happy to kiss and fondle.

A lot of it will be instinct, but never push her to fulfill your fantasy by doing things she's not happy with. As for the other girl, she'll probably be a professional, so she'll know how to guide the evening and, when it's over, she'll know when to leave, too.

During the threesome, try not to get carried away and pay too much attention to the other girl. Your lover needs to feel extra special during a threesome, so always be aware of where she is and what she's doing and never leave her unattended. Even if the other girl is giving you the most awesome blow job ever, make sure you're stroking your lover's hair, or kissing her as this is happening. She needs to feel involved at all times.

4. Guy-Girl-Girl vs Guy-Guy-Girl

Maybe it's your lover who's asked for the threesome, or you've had your fantasy and now she wants her turn. The difference in dynamic is that most guys like to have threesomes with two girls because they get off on watching girls make out. However, girls do not get turned on by watching two guys make out.

So if your girlfriend is asking for a 2-guy threesome, it means she wants to be fucked by both of them, not to see them kiss each other. How would you feel about this? Just as you've assumed that your girlfriend did not mind watching you have sex with another woman in front of her, can you honestly say the same, having to watch another man have full sex with her?

Of course, you can set ground rules if you don't want this to happen, but there are a lot of double standards at work when it comes to male and female attitudes to threesomes, so just be sure you're both on the same page.

5. Threesomes for single guys

So you want a threesome but you're on your own? Or maybe you're in a relationship but your lover isn't keen on a threesome? Joining a swingers club is a good way to get a threesome, although it's generally much tougher for single guys to be accepted to swinging events as the vetting procedure is strict.

If you are accepted, then you'll have your pick of other couples and singles who are looking to hook up. You can also watch others having threesomes in special voyeur rooms, which is also a good way to choose potential hook-ups for yourself. Also, never say no to a party invitation. After a few drinks, people are in the mood for all kinds of things, so never say never.

As long as you know what you're getting into, then who's to say those two sisters who've been eyeing you up all night, haven't got something very special planned for later on? And remember, as with all threesome scenarios, use a condom!

For much more information and advice on threesomes and how to get one, check out my Sex Coaching Program.

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