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- Using Your 5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex

Using Your 5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Coaching

Using Your 5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex

Men aren't known for being in tune with their senses, whether it's in the bedroom or any other room of the house.

But women know that the key to great sex lies in utilizing every sense nature gave us, then putting them all together during sex so we can experience something amazing and unique.

Here's a quick “guy's guide” to how to think like we do, by using all five of your senses to achieve mind blowing sex.

1. Sight

This is the first sense we use when deciding if we're attracted to someone, so it's obviously very powerful.

Try setting up a personal photo session with your lover, where you take naughty pictures of each other, pictures you can swap by phone or Skype when you're apart.

Or you could buy some erotic coffee table books to peruse when you're together, or put on a naughty movie to get you both in the mood.

You could also indulge in a bit of voyeurism by asking to watch your lover masturbate, or log on to a live sex site and watch others fucking.

Have a role-playing night where you both dress as each other's fantasy, or you could even completely redecorate your home – the bedroom, at least – in colors and fabrics which scream seduction and sex.


2. Sound

All women love it when you set the scene or create a naughty mood for when they come over.

Putting on some soft music, or anything with naughty lyrics, should get her imagination going.

Also, when you're kissing her, whisper things in her ear, romantic and dirty, and see what her reaction is.

During sex itself, be vocal, describe to her how she's making you feel as she fucks you, or tell her what you're going to do to her later.

You can also do this via a dirty phone call to her in the middle of the day.

Call her out of the blue and ask her what she's wearing underneath her dress, or read her an extract from an erotic book.

Use your voice to seduce her, the same way she's probably done to you a thousand times before.


3. Smell

We all like our lovers to smell good, but it's usually the women who take most care over this, never the guys.

But it's actually our natural pheromones which excite and entice us, not artificial smells, so ask your lover to go 'au naturale' for just one night and see how much hornier sex is when all you can smell is each other's natural sex scents.

At other times, use scent to set moods and relax you and your lover.

Spoil her with a lavender bubble bath waiting for her when she gets home.

Light scented candles before a romantic meal, or use sweet-smelling foods to seduce her.

Travel to the ocean and have sex on the beach – the fresh smell of the sea is a potent aphrodisiac.


4. Taste

Food and sex go hand in hand, so the next time you're cooking for your lover or treating her to a meal out, make sure the menu has plenty of sexy foods on it.

Oysters, chocolate, champagne, strawberries, asparagus etc.

At home, use food as foreplay – drizzle wine on her naked skin and lick it off, feed grapes to her, use chocolate sauce to drip onto each other and think of different ways to get clean.

Draw ice cubes across her nipples, use soft tubs of ice cream as a masturbator – the contrast of the cold ice cream on your cock and then your lover's hot mouth on top will drive you crazy.


5. Touch

Always have touchable skin – even guys should moisturize – and try and become more tactile, touching her whenever the opportunity arises.

A stroke on the neck, a grip of her fingers, a brush against her arm, anything which tells her you're right there and thinking about her.

Give her an erotic massage, touching every other part of her except the genitals, until the teasing is so distracting she's begging you to finish her off.

Stroke her hair, spank her ass, play with her nipples, drip ice cubes on her breasts, use your cock to massage her instead of your hands – there are so many ways to use touch.

Invest in some cool Egyptian cotton sheets or some sexy silk ones.

Have a gorgeous fluffy robe ready for her when she gets home, use feather pillows and have soft rugs and blankets on hand so you can have hot sex anywhere in the house.

And kiss her more often. In fact, kiss her all the time, and she'll be putty in your hands.

For much more information on how to use all five of your senses for
mindblowing sex, check out my Sex Coaching Program today.

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