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Different Types of Relationships | Naughty Coaching

Different Types of Relationships

In most Western societies, monogamy is the traditional style of relationship because it's supposed to represent stability, faithfulness and social acceptance.

The problem is that not everybody is programmed to be monogamous, so this leads to failed relationships.

But there's no one size fits all when it comes to dating, so it's essential that you follow a style that works for you.

So what are the choices, and which kind of relationship is going to suit you?

Open Relationships

It's easy to think that 'open' means 'anything except monogamy.'

Some guys use it as an excuse to sleep around, but no open relationship can work without honesty.

When I meet a guy I like, I always tell him straight away that I have other sexual partners who I see when I want to, and that our sexual relationship will not be exclusive.

If he's happy with that, great, but if he isn't, then he has the option to walk away, so nobody gets hurt further down the line.

You might think that telling a girl that you sleep with other women will turn her off, but she'll actually appreciate your candor and trust you a lot quicker because you haven't lied to her.

A big advantage of having an open relationship is that you get to learn new techniques with different people, which makes you a better all-round lover.

Swinging or “Lifestyle”

This is when you and your lover meet up with strangers (or like-minded friends) and have sex with each other's partners.

You can also swing alone at special meetups and clubs, but always make sure you go to a reputable event with proper guidelines and security.

If you're in a couple, trust and honesty is key – you both have to want to do it, otherwise things can get messy emotionally.

You have to think about how you'd feel knowing your lover is having sex with someone else in the next room.

Swinging can widen your sexual horizons as you get to explore fantasies with your lover's full knowledge and acceptance.

Casual dating

If you just want to have some fun with no strings then casual dating might suit you until you're ready for something more permanent.

Again, as long as you're honest with a potential lover, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with playing the field.

It's always nice to go out with no expectations and end up with a hot date, so always be prepared and make sure you look good 24/7.

Sometimes the hottest women can be found in the supermarket aisle or the queue at the bus stop, you just never know.

And there are lots of girls out there who are also after something passionate and physical, with no demands being made on them emotionally.


It can be hard to admit when you have a fetish for something, or you harbor fantasies that you're embarrassed or ashamed to own up to.

But stifling such desires can lead to repression and misery, so don't be afraid to explore the naughty side of you.

There are plenty of websites and meetup forums designed to help bring together people who are into BDSM, electro-sex and other fetishes.

Whether you're a beginner or have been indulging in secret, there are others like you who are looking to hook up, so have a look at the clubs and events in your area and start making new fetish friends.


This is when one person in an existing relationship chooses to have multiple sexual partners while the other remains monogamous.

It might sound unusual but there are plenty of couples who live this way and it works.

It's a way for you to enjoy sex with other people without having to sneak around.

You might be very in love with your partner but they aren't able to physically accommodate all your sexual needs, or vice versa.

As long as you both know the score, then there's no reason why you can't stay with your partner and enjoy sex with other people.

Polyamory and Polyfaithful

This means being in love with many people, or sharing partners within an agreed group.

We're not programmed to just love one person at a time, it's perfectly natural to have deep feelings for multiple people so why shouldn't you enjoy that?

Again, as long as everyone concerned knows the situation, there's no reason why you can't enjoy multiple sexual and emotional relationships.

For much more information on different types of relationships and how to find the one to suit you, check out my Dating Coaching Program.

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