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- Tip 1: Rev Up Your Sex Drive By Working Out!

Rev Up Your Sex Drive By Working Out!

Working out has obvious health benefits, like losing weight and boosting energy, but exercise is also great for giving your libido a good old push in the right direction. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins; those feelgood chemicals which hurtle around your body making you feel invincible. Endorphins also make you feel sexy as hell. An hour spent down at the gym or, if you're not a gym bunny, a simple jog around the block or a power walk through the park, can send hit after hit of horny endorphins spinning around your body.

The benefits of working out include:

* Increased libido - as mentioned, getting those feelgood chemicals riding around your bloodstream are going to put you in the mood for sex. Exercise with your lover, even if it's just 30 minutes a few times a week, and see how horny you both feel afterwards. Watching each other get sweaty and breathless is a great precursor for what could happen later on!

* Instant energy - even if you're not planning sex, the energy boost regular exercise gives you shouldn't be underestimated. If you're constantly tired or stressed and think that you just don't have time to exercise as well, think again. Small amounts of exercise will actually give you the extra energy you need to deal with the other stuff that's stressing you out. Go back to basics, by putting aside a half hour each day to just get that heart pumping. Afterwards, you'll find yourself completing daily tasks in half the time, with energy left over.

* Keeps a steady heart rate - we don't pay enough attention to our heart, because we can't see it, it's just 'there.' But we obviously can't live without it, so you need to start taking care of the most important organ we have. Maintaining a steady heart rate is important in keeping everything else healthy. If you make your heart work too hard, through stress, worry and, yes, over-exercising, then it means the heart is distracted from its real purpose pumping blood around our bodies and looking after our other organs. Healthy exercise strengthens our heart muscles, which regulates blood flow, which keeps every other part of us working the way it should.

* Relieves stress - it's those endorphins again. When we're stressed, tired or anxious, that can lead to depression if we don't do something about it. Depression loves to latch onto tired people, but you have to start treating depression and stress as physical symptoms (not mental ones) which can be cured by physical action. There is increasing evidence to suggest that depression is not always a mental, emotional disease, but a very real physical one. To combat depression, physical movement like exercise has been proven to work wonders, because the good feelgood chemicals attack the 'downer' chemicals which make you feel so low.

* Helps you focus and stay alert - we all feel foggy at one time or another, and that's because the blood flow to our brains slows down when we're not moving. Sitting at the office desk, or in front of the TV, it's easy to get tired and lethargic. Paying attention at work can be difficult if your brain can't focus properly. Regular exercise leads to increased blood flow, a more alert brain, and increased focus.

* You'll look good! - one of the most obvious reasons for working out, is the physical benefit you'll enjoy. Losing a few pounds, toning up those muscles, is going to get you noticed. And who doesn't feel great when other people pay you attention? Exercise doesn't just make you feel good, it makes you look good. And if you love the way you look, then that in turn boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel super sexy.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Lifestyle Expert - Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

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