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 - Month 1 - week 1

Get Moving, Get Fit!

Week 1 of the Naughty Challenge

It's time to get your sexy body moving and in shape! By that, I don't mean turning yourself into a supermodel or celebrity, or anything unreal. It's about honing and toning your own body, to have it looking the best it can be, regardless of your natural shape or figure. Not all of us were born with tiny hips or long legs, so we have to learn to work with what we have, and not obsess about what we wish we had. What you have, is beautiful. You need to focus on health and staying fit, in order to maximize your natural assets. Be realistic, and you'll soon stop worrying about unrealistic goals.

It's important to ignore what we see in the media about beauty and how to get it. We are socially conditioned from a very young age to think that certain images and sizes are beautiful, or ugly. And it takes us just as long, as adults, to shed these preconceived ideas, and become satisfied in our own skin. This is the true meaning of beauty - not what we see in magazines and on TV. You might have to work a little harder than other people, to get the fittest body you're capable of, but the rewards are there if you're prepared to put the effort in, and look after yourself properly. But it doesn't have to be a struggle, or a chore, to look good. Working out doesn't have to be difficult, and it should always be something you enjoy, otherwise there's no point to it, and you'll just come to resent it.

This month, I'm going to show you how to love exercise, and how to easily incorporate it into your regular routine, so it becomes part of your lifestyle. The benefits of working out are so numerous, and the results instant, that you'll wonder why it took you so long to fall in love with it.

The Benefits of Cardio

You don't need a rocket scientist to point out the advantages of cardio exercise, but you might be surprised at just how far-reaching the benefits of having a healthy heart can be. Take this week to educate yourself on why you should be doing regular cardio exercise, and get yourself in the mood for some proper, energy-boosting workouts.

Below are the benefits of regular cardio include:

1. An increase in libido

Exercise releases endorphins into the brain, which affect your whole body. These endorphins create natural sexual energy and get your heart pumping, increasing your libido and maximizing your stamina. What's not to like about feeling turned on all the time?

2. Instant energy giver

Energy levels in your body are directly linked to your blood's circulation. Obviously, getting your heart pumping properly is the key to this, so cardio work increases blood flow around the body and stimulates your nervous system. Your energy levels increase dramatically, which means you feel more alert, happier and - most importantly - naughtier.

3. Depression lifter

Because we live in very stressful times, the number of people suffering from depression has never been higher. Whilst outside influences and general health concerns can be major contributors to depression, exercise is a proven method of relieving the symptoms of stress, by activating "good hormones" in your brain - endorphins which release natural, 'feel good' chemicals. Getting your heart working properly, and pumping that blood around your body efficiently and regularly, eases depression and gives you an instant energy booster.

4. Keeps your heart rate steady

The key to sustaining good health, is maintaining a regular heartbeat. You're only as fit as your heart, so keeping it on an even keel is essential. Cardio exercise helps train your heart to pump blood around your body to maintain healthy circulation, but also strengthens the organ itself, making it less prone to disease and weakness. Like any part of your body, the heart needs exercising to keep it working, and regular cardio work will get your heart into a regular routine, and help it stay calm and strong even when you're not working out.

5. Keeps you alert and awake

A properly pumping heart encourages your body to produce natural stimulants, endorphins, and antibodies, all of which keep your energy levels high and focused. If you feel tired at work, or just generally lethargic, it's easy to blame a hectic lifestyle, or not enough sleep. But whilst both those things can have an effect on your attention span, many people don't realize that keeping a healthy heart via regular cardio exercise, can have a drastic effect on the way you feel mentally, as well as physically. Think holistically - look after each part of you, to maintain the health of the whole. Your heart is literally at the center of everything keeping you alive, so it makes sense to look after it properly.

6. Helps you focus

Our brains are wonderful machines, but they cannot work properly without proper blood and oxygen supplies, and that comes from your heart. Cardio exercise helps your heart to keep your brain healthy, and allows you to focus properly.

7. You'll look great!

It's not just about what cardio does for your heart, it's also about the physical benefits of what all that exercise is going to do for you. Toning up, losing weight, regaining that sparkle you used to have - cardio exercise will do all these things, and more, as well as making your heart stronger.

Finding a cardio workout to suit you is a very personal thing, so listen to your body and identify areas in your life where you can better look after yourself - going to the gym, changing your diet, finding time to relax - all the things that will help keep your heart healthy. Then, explore the activities over the next three weeks, and put together a new routine that suits your lifestyle and which you'll be able to maintain.


Get moving this week by getting off your couch and walk more. Even if it's only 30 minutes a day, it's a good start. Do little extras listed below as all these things will add up with getting you moving and getting fit.

- Walk to lunch

- Take the stairs

- Park further away and walk

- Go for 30 minute walk

- Get off the bus or metro one stop early and walk the rest of the way.

- Workout while watching TV

- Go on 10 minute walks at a time 3 times a day.

Try to aim for 6,000 to 8,000 steps a day by using the app Argus that not only tracks your steps but your water intake, sleep habits, food and much more. It's a free app! Start small and work up from there. If you set your goals to high then you're more likely to fail and give up.

Join me on Argus under my name Sienna Sinclaire and lets take the Naughty Challenge together!!!

Week 2 - The Easy Way To Lose Weight

Stay tuned for next week...

- Sienna Sinclaire® - Naughty Lifestyle Guide - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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