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Sienna Sinclaire is one of the naughtiest girl's in the world. Her official title is Naughty Lifestyle Expert. She's also the most entrepreneurial and inventive person in the American adult industry today, having created her own naughty empire. She's leading the way as the single most diverse and forward-thinking individual in adult entertainment.

Her passion is to turn women into sexy, confident, empowered ones. Using ideas taken from cultures around the world, Sienna has created a method that has changed lives forever, including hers, with her Naughty Lifestyle Program.

She has years of "hands-on" personal experience and over 8 years of work in the adult entertainment industry. She's certified as a love, relationship and career coach along with AASECT certification credits and time studying under Dr. Patti Britton, Sienna is qualified on all matters of sex.

Sienna has also performed around the world as a burlesque and belly dance performer with her first performance in London, UK.

And she's also a veteran writer who frequently utilizes her skills on her websites to help fans with advice ranging from sex to naughty travel tips. So it was only natural that Sienna would be the author of the most-anticipated book on Los Angeles in years, "Naughty Girl's Guide to Los Angeles." An indispensible document in the quest to discover the sexy side of the most expansive city in the country, "Naughty Girl's Guide" is something that could have only been penned by Sienna.

Sienna started her career as a writer when she landed an internship after college for a magazine in London, UK. She loved writing so much that once she returned home to the states she decided to start her own holistic living magazine called "Balance For Today's Woman."

In the past year Sienna's celebrity has exploded as editors and producers have discovered that the multi-talented beauty is also quick-witted and an interesting interviewer and guest. With her wide-ranging resume there is never a dull moment as brains match the beauty of Sienna and an entire industry watches to see what moves she'll make next.

Learn more about Sienna Sinclaire's Naughty Empire below.



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Press Release
The Naughty Lifestyle Expert

Sex coach, burlesque performer, adult model, author of two books and naughty party planner, Sienna Sinclaire has been in the adult industry for over 8 years. She has tons of "hands-on experience" and has taken sex classes with Dr. Patti Britton along with compiling credits from ASSECT. "She is the be-all/end-all expert on all things naughty!"

When asked, "Why do you consider yourself THE naughty expert?" Sinclaire replied, "Because I just am! I want to be the person that people come to for all things naughty in their life: traveling, sex, work to home life. I really enjoy what I do. I've applied it in my own life and it's made me a better person and I know with my coaching program that it can help others too."

What makes her different from life and sex coaches, is that she encompasses all areas of your life...in a naughty way. She believes that you can be naughty in all things you do from when you wake to going to work to being a mother/father. This doesn't mean being slutty or sharing things that are inappropriate with your kids. What it means is that when you're confident in yourself it shows in all areas of your life and being naughty is all about being confident. For example, if your kids see you dressing up and feeling sexy about yourself, putting on makeup, taking care of yourself, this will come across on your kids and have a big impact on them. Also, if you get up in the morning and do things to take care of yourself and to feel sexy, maybe wearing beautiful lingerie under your clothes, then head to work, this can help you with your confidence and improve your workday.

People confuse being naughty like a light switch, where you should only turn it on around your lover, in the bedroom or at certain times. But Sinclaire teaches her clients how to be naughty everyday no matter what you're doing. This is something most sex coaches don't teach.

In addition to Sinclaire's coaching, she has started the first of its kind "Naughty Travels," where she shows people how to go on naughty/sexy holidays. She even hosts weekly events in Los Angeles so that you can explore's LA's naughty side.

"One of the most import things to me as the Naughty Lifestyle Expert is to change people's thinking that naughty does not mean dirty, slutty or sleeping around. It means confidence," says Sinclaire. It's sexy. It's one of the reasons why I throw my naughty parties. Not only does it get my name out and promote my company, but it allows people to see first-hand the true meaning of naughty."

Interested in booking Sienna Sinclaire on your show? Please contact Mindi Sue, black & blue star, 310.924.5651, mindi@blackandbluestar.com, @blacknbluestar
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