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- Naughty Bubble Bath Tips
Naughty Bubble Bath Tips

Time to get cozy with yourself or your lover in a warm, bubble bath. Just because you don't have someone special in your life doesn't mean you can't treat yourself. So grab your favorite waterproof vibrator and time to get naughty!

Here are some of my favorite bath time toys and treats to make your bubble bath more naughty!

Tantric Soy Candle With Pheromones

Before your lover comes over, set the scene so your bathroom is looking, smelling and feeling sexy and spicy. Candles are great for evoking a sultry atmosphere; try this soy candle which throws potent sex chemicals into the air as it burns, guaranteeing things will get really heated later on. Once the wax is melted, you can massage the pomegranate-scented oil into your lover's skin afterwards, for a sultry pre-bath rub down.

Booty Parlor's Naughty Bubbles

Next, fill the bath with hot water and add sensuous bubbles which will lure your lover like Lorelei lured sailors to the rocks! I love these naughty bubbles because they have a seriously erotic scent which puts me and my lover in the mood straight away. More than that, the bottle looks gorgeous and every time I see it on my wash stand, I always smile!

Bijoux Indiscrets Striptease

Now all you need is some sexy music to add to the naughty ambience, and this compilation has some awesome club vibes to make bath time a pulsating, sensory experience.

Vibrating Mesh Sponge

Start by lathering one another up with the bubbles, then get creative with a vibrating sponge, which has a nice little surprise hidden in the folds: a fabulous bullet vibe which you can use either as a gentle massager to get things going or, later on, as a full-on vibrator to bring you to orgasm. I always have one of these handy, as they're so discreet and look just like any other mesh sponge, so even if I have visitors over and they use the bathroom, they'd have no clue just what I really use it for!

Lure Shower Seduction

I also love the Lure sponge, another bullet vibe sponge but this time with a terry cloth feel. It offers a different texture as the sponge vibrates, which can vary the nature and intensity of your orgasm. There are pheromones released as you use it, intensifying the experience. Again, you'd never know what pleasures this sponge holds, it's incredibly subtle-looking and very cute, too.

Sexxy Soaps

As you're washing each other down, use a couple of these cute little soaps in the shapes of cocks and pussies, just to add a little cheekiness. They also make great little every day gifts for your lover, to remind them how naughty bath time can be together.

Sex In The Shower Thigh Cuffs

When you can't stand the teasing any longer, try adding to the Fifty Shades ambience by indulging in a spot of bathtime bondage. These shower cuffs fix easily to most surfaces, including inside the bath tub itself, so you can position yourself comfortably and safely in the velcro fasteners, ensuring your lover has easy access to all your private pleasure points.

Waterproof vibrating cock ring

Now you're getting down to the serious bath time business, get him to wear a cock ring as he has sex with you, so you both get the full benefit of bath sex. Cock rings help keep him harder for longer, and the vibrating ones hit your clit for maximum effect, as well as keeping those bubbles foaming as you fuck.

Waterproof dildos

If you're celebrating National Bath Tub Day on your own, then a waterproof dildo is the way to go. This Shower Stud Vibrating Dildo even has a suction cup so you can position it anywhere in the bath and go riding, without having to worry about falling off. Any splashes you make with this cute, bright pink number, will be entirely of your own making.

Dual Locking Suction Handle

Don't forget, though, that things can get quite slippy at bath time, especially when you let nature take over and you lose all sense of caution (!.) So it might be worth investing in some specialist bath aids to help you stay safe. A suction handle will give you something to grip while you're in the throes of watery passion, while a Suction Foot Rest means you can get all the leverage you want in a position to suit you. The water might be cascading over the edge of the tub, but that doesn't mean you have to fly out with it.

Bath Tub Games

Turn your bubble bath into a naughty game with your lover. Have your sex toys near you and spin away or pick a card to see which sex position to try in the tub. These games are fun ways to spice things up out of the bedroom and try new and interesting positions.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Lifestyle Expert - Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach


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